September 04, 2004

eclectic thinkers goes public ;-)

Welcome to the ET weblog. We´ve finally made it and "gone public". We are happy. =)

EclecticT shares are given for ideas. Speak up, share your thoughts and get your stocks.

To contact us, please e-mail to:

Any comments, questions and suggestions from non members to our group are very welcome via email. Please make reference to which topic, post and or member are you refering to in your letter.

If you´d like to see published your comments or any writing of yours, please let us know. Likewise if you DON´T want to. Otherwise we reserve the right whether to publish, quote, mention or do nothing with the emails received.

We encourage your contributions and we are open to welcome new members. No anonymous, though ;-)

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La femme

Where else to find us?

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scary uh? ;-)

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  • Blogger Steve Jurvetson ::

  • Area 51: purgatory for aliens.

    I'm just following the female moth into the danger zone...

    12:11 AM  


  • Blogger OldCola ::

  • ETs always try to find 'home'
    Is this the phone-both?

    12:37 PM  


  • Blogger Gisela Giardino ::

  • ET (at public phone): -E.T., phone hoooomeeeee.

    Operator: -Sir, yours cannot be a collect call. Please do insert coins for an amount of 2.000.000 US dollars to put you through. Thank you.
    Guess how the story ends?

    Cola, Jurvey and the Female Moth who writes found their way Home. Please, gentlemen, do begin posting when you wish. The rest of the crew will join us soon...

    I hope! =)

    12:48 PM  


  • Blogger Bill Duddy ::

  • Hey, my finger's glowing...

    4:11 PM  


  • Blogger Eclectic Thinkers ::

  • ... after the mess aaaall over the kitssshhhhhen!

    ...ur finger glow... becoshhhhjjjj u openninnnn, hic!

    maaaaany beer cans little time...

    ma frend, you ggraaait! yehaaa!


    3:23 AM  


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