November 04, 2004



"Ecstasy does not repeat its symbols; there are some who have seen God in a splendor, there are those who have perceived it in a sword or in the circles of a rose. I saw a high Wheel, that was not in front of my eyes, neither behind, nor beside, but everywhere at one time. That Wheel was made of water, but of fire as well, and it was (even though its border was visible) infinite. Interwoven, it was formed by all the things that will be, are and have been, and I was one of the fibers of the total weft and Pedro de Alvarado -who caused me pain-, was another one. There they were the causes and the effects and I only had to look at that Wheel to understand it all, endlessly."
-Jorge Luis Borges [+]

The image above was given to me by Epp (i take it as a true gift =) and I am SO thankful for that. I wanted to share it here -and I am sure that she will agree and be happy- because of its strong meaning. Images have that magic of making us realize and adopt instantly certain concepts that may take long time to explain in words.

In these times I believe that we all have to have this image in our minds present. Today we -people of the world- cannot give our backs to the US people, neither judge them, nor close our eyes with indifference.

We have to understand that we are all part of the same game. And that beyond apparences we all belong to the same Team. And we all want to win for the greater good.

May you think that it is useless because the United States always shows apathy to other people´s of the world needs. First: I don´t think so, they are not conclusive any of all the evidences you could show me. Second: if this is actually the case (US don´t care about anything but themselves), shall we be examples and builders of another way of communicating with this fellow nation.

Epp pointed out at Orkut (and I beg you that you post you comment here) brilliantly and wisely what she perceives is the reason why the United States citizens voted the way they did. Based upon her accurate words, US people are afraid. They are in panic. They are acting in fear. And that is not good. Beyond their president, we, also citizens of another countries, should open a bridge to the american brothers.

And I am saying this when America Latina, my country included of course, will belong to the ALCA agreement to be sealed the next year. We will become (definitely) a modern fashion colony of the US. This is terrible. But it is also terrible all the things we south americans did and didn´t do that lead us here. Since the Monroe Doctrine "America for the Americans" in the 1900´s.

This is the concept of interconnectedness. Cause and Effect. Let us all understand and assume our responsibility not only of our own acts but of the results of the acts of the whole. We are one.

VERY Welcome are your comments, please. Tks.

ps: interesting reading -post and comms-(tks Steve): Lead21 Blog: The moral argument of free trade

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  • Blogger OldCola ::

  • USA citizens are afraid. And they tend to forget that their country is one of the more mixed ones on our planet. They carry genes from every human phylum and they should cherish that patrimony.
    Becoming afraid to the point to forget where your roots are is quite dangerous.

    American friends will remain friends. Friendship isn't conditional.
    But I'll tend to ask newcomers for whom they voted before I shake hands. I can't help it :-)

    5:50 PM  


  • Blogger Joost ::

  • Just a little maths here:

    Bush -> 59,246,968 VOTES
    Kerry -> 55,710,667 VOTES
    Nader -> 397,244 VOTES (I have to mention him to be complete)

    Total Votes -> 115,354,879

    Total population USA -> 288,369,000
    People under 18 -> 72,895,000
    Total population eligable to vote -> 215,474,000

    Total people who did not vote -> 100,516,000

    59 Million people had a personal reason to vote for Bush, I could never understand why someone could be eligable to vote for himself, but at least that is a clear reason for his choice.

    55 Million people had a personal reason to vote for Kerry, I also clearly understand his own vote.

    100 Million people had a personal reason to not vote. Well even some wanted to be weren't allowed. I don't know what percentage that would be.

    Conclusion: We are driven by personal reasons to vote on a certain choice. It even does not seem possbile to do otherwise. If you don't vote for a personal reason, than your vote leaves you indifferent and you can live in either system, just being yourself. Let's hope those 100 Million not-voters listen closely to their heart and are just being themselves. Let's hope the rest will do the same.

    Maybe the system is just to keep us all from doing really stupid things.............................. together or individually


    PS: This does not mean I am indifferent about things I hope, I am just trying to keep an open mind that things might be different from what we perceive they are.

    6:41 PM  


  • Blogger epp ::

  • Here then, as requested, is my comment from orkut (though I might add that Steve and others had some valuable insights to offer, both visually and verbally as well, such as the map of "think globally", etc.)

    11/3/2004 3:32 AM
    No matter how hard we try to change, our life path, viewed at a certain angle is a spiral. We live and learn and then eventually return to the same place again, just a tiny bit more evolved than before.

    Many people all over the world are stuck in their history. Here in Quebec many people in rural areas are still siding with the french king who was trying to establish north america as a french colony. Really.

    The U.S. has entered a phase where history is influencing people in the way they vote. The mentality of the people now is much like it was back in the days when Americans were establishing independence from Europe. Through Bush, many of these people feel they are gaining or "regaining" their independence. Unfortunately they see those that recognize the need for interdependence as traitors. They are lost in history and are blind to the fact that the world has evolved in the meantime...

    Bush has brought them back to this level of fear and has offered a solution to it. But this is very much like the U.S. world of media advertising. Advertising takes advantage of people's anxieties, increases them, and then offers them an antidote - their product. U.S. is a television educated and centered country. The media had created the culture, not the other way around. Now that Americans need more of a sense of cultural identity, no surprise that Bush's tactics are so effective. People are used to this sort of reasoning and the "cause" is an old one, connecting them with their very real history, which involved the blue coats and the red coats. Clever clever Bush...

    So, who has won? I don't know yet but I won't be surprised either way... edit

    (That is the end of the comment.)

    Now, after the election has been all but forgotten, I would like to say that the waves that circle outward after the stone has fallen, can still be felt - much in same way that the effects of 9/11 tragedy spread out onto other dimensions - at least by me. I seem to be witnessing a kind of fragmentation of society, the same kind of fragmentation that has lead to civil wars in the past. Now we see, in Canada, issues rising over accessibility to Canadian flags in connection to Remembrance Day - people are really mad. Then there is the controversy and emerging split between African Americans in response to the outspokenness of Bill Cosby. These are just examples to show what seems to be going on and the causal factor here seems to be the war in Iraq. It seems that the war has done even more than "just" kill thousands of Iraqi civilians and numbers of soldiers from all sides... It has had a shattering effect on all the creatures that find nourishment from the skin, flesh and bones of mother earth.

    Returning to Gisela's original "Interwoven" thoughts and her plea to "understand and assume responsibility not only for our own acts but of the results and the acts of the whole. We are one."...

    After a glass shatters into a million pieces how can it be salvaged? It can be recycled, reheated, the broken pieces fused... A new togetherness can be established through transformation - stronger, if we focus on learning from past mistakes. We need to make the new togetherness stronger, more solid, more practical and useful... A vessel into which everyone can dip their cup and be quenched - a vessel into which each person, community, nation can pour something of their own essential essence, their elixir, ambrosia...

    I have seen people work on the interfaith level to connect people of different religions and I have great respect for this kind of work, but at the moment internal bonds within these separate religions are shattering apart. Additionally, this movement does not (to my knowledge) include agnostics, atheists nor the scientific perspective. So what is it that we all, human society as a whole, need in order to pull ourselves back together again?

    I find myself back in the very beginning as I contemplate this. Magnetism and love, come to mind once again for the six billionth time. Then I think: what we need is a "world love day" requiring a signed agreement to participate by the leaders of all of the world's nations. Participation involves making loving gestures to people who usually are (/appear to be) our adversaries. Not giving out hearts like on Valentine's Day which has become so commercialized and which also creates rifts between people ("my family does not celebrate St.Valentines day... we are not Christians" - I hear this all the time). I'm talking about a loving gesture, providing simple assistance, offering a genuine compliment... How can a soldier who has made a loving gesture to a prisoner of war go on to kill more people the next day without internal anguish, without rethinking their life purpose?

    Me: "Bush, I admire your tenacity." (ignore the fact that I hate what he directs it towards). "Witnessing you is like watching a boxing match where you are the little guy getting beaten to pulp - yet always managing to jump up again to continue. This is admirable - could you direct this energy towards_____ please?" (If you agree with the compliment, fill in the blank, dear reader.)

    How would I fill in the blank? Although I am tempted, very lovingly, to say "get treatment for your psycho-sociopathic personality disorder", this could be perceived as a judgment and thus a threat. Instead I would fill it with "efforts towards syncretism".

    2:16 PM  


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