December 30, 2004

Reach out, Touch faith

  • PhotoGroup that gathers help, aid and hands for the Tsunami disaster in Asia
  • Tsunami Aftermath from the blog. It gathers many links to photos, information and group for help.
  • Tsunami Missing Persons group
  • SE Asia Tsunami help blog itself.
  • NEW contributions of information welcome)

    I wanted to post here this image to finish the year with it as a reminder of what is happenning in the world right now, to help us reflect and put things in perspective. And also I wanted to post this to begin the new year with an image of will to help, will to love and will to support.

    My hand is small, I am home, far away, no money to donate... geez I am filled with helplessness. However, even in this situation there is something I can do: show my care about what is happenning, point other people where they can help, suppport with an image and my words... Spread the message, enlarge the chain.

    The spirit of this community is based in this simple principle: No matter how big or small you contribution is: We need you. The importance of each of our actions and interactions always impact the whole. The principle of synchronicity, of "at-one-ness"... the chain effect.

    Have a happy new year, wish you the best, whatever this means to each of you, and let us all pray and hope things to get better for our brothers in Asia.